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My Community - Connect and Recycle

Ana Kaloperovic

The project aims to raise environmental awareness through the deployment of young people tasked with taking care of the environment. This will give the group experience in how to approach and solve problems from their surroundings by themselves.

In the past two months 23 young volunteers along with members from the association were collecting packaging waste in Zabran wood located in Obrenovac municipality. Members of the association have also been distributing educational material detailing the importance of environmental protection and sustainable development.

Project partner was the association of citizens - “Civil initiative”.

Project was supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Eco Call-Center "Green Phone"

Ana Kaloperovic

Project “Green Phone” was designed to facilitate communication between waste users and companies in charge in order to increase the amount of collected recyclables, thus reducing the consumption of natural resources, increased landfill capacity, reducing the number of illegal dumps, improving environmental quality and establishing a successful network of managing recycling waste.

Project was founded by Secretariat for Environmental Protection of City Belgrade.

Healthy Earth, Healthy Everyone

Ana Kaloperovic

The main goal of the project is to implement cultural and environmental awareness and encourage awareness in children.

Children from primary school “Posavskipartizani” that have been attending environmental classes performed a show with the ecological topic “Healthy earth, healthy everyone!” for 1400 preschoolers from Obrenovac municipality. Each child received the colouring book “Citanka”.

Project partners were Primary School “Posavskipartizani” and Preschool Institution “PerkaVicentijevic”.

Project was founded by City Municipality of Obrenovac.

I Need To Know

Ana Kaloperovic

Young people have an interest and commitment to deal with environmental issues and sustainable development, as they have to live with the consequences of what they have been left by previous generations and also have to think about the next generation.

300 high school students from Obrenovac have been surveyed in order to obtain a clearer picture of the level of their awareness and personal involvement in the field of environmental protection.

A Youth concert was held in Obrenovac Municipality which was attended by a representative of the local government, schools, local media and others who used the occasion to get familiar with the results of the project.

Concert visitors were bringing recyclable waste which was in turn delivered to the recycling centre.

Project was founded by Ministry of Youth and Sport of Republic of Serbia.

From Waste To Art!

Ana Kaloperovic

Within the project, workshops were held with the participation of representatives of partner organizations from 16 cities.

The workshops were divided into two modules:

A round table discussion with the topic of environmental protection.

A practical activity: recycling-packing glass treatment though the use of techniques of applied art.

The workshops were held on every Saturday during the period of 31st of August to 5th of October 2013 in Obrenovac Municipality.

Project was founded by Ministry of Youth and Sport of Republic of Serbia.

Glass To Recycling For New Packaging!

Ana Kaloperovic

According to the Local Action Plan of Waste Management, Obrenovac Municipality statistically collect in a period of 1 month 1673 tons of waste, of which 4% (66t) makes glass. Glass needs around 5000 years to decompose and the positive side is that it can be recycled many times without losing capacity or quality.

In cooperation with Obrenovac local autorities and Commission for Cooperation with NGOs, “Eko-Yard” constructed glass cutting mashine and organized collecting glass waste in two local communities (Krtinska and Urovci – population in total 2712 people). Collected glass was crushed and delivered to the recycling center. 

Have No Dilemma, I Know What I Can Do And What I Want - To Clean My Environment All Day And Night Long!

Ana Kaloperovic

The task of this project is that citizens understand the importance of waste separation and recycling process as a big factor of environmental protection, and all trough continuous training.

“EkoBox” is a modern ecological project that popularizes environmental protection in a modern way. This project connects ecology and using space in attractive way for disposal of plastic and aluminium waste packaging and thus makes it unique.

“EkoBox” is placed on a main bus station ”Lasta” in Obrenovac Municipality.

Project was found by Secretariat for Environmental Protection of City Belgrade.